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I Admit It. I Am Jealous.

Pour Your Heart OutI am not one of those moms who participates in the stay at home mom vs. working mom debate. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all working hard—regardless of whether we’re lucky enough to get a paycheck for our efforts.

I have lots of SAHM friends, and I know that their jobs are not easy. They are not appreciated. Get no breaks. And have no promotions, holiday bonuses or free lunches to look forward to.

But you know what? I’m jealous of them.

I envy their ability to spend a beautiful summer afternoon doing something silly, like riding the buses around town with their kids.

I envy their monotonous mornings spent doing laundry (because dang, at least it gets done) and long afternoons spent picking up little messes (before they become giant mountains of garbage).

I envy the hours they spend in the kitchen making lunches and snacks (because at least they always know what their kids like to eat).

I envy every consoling hug they get to dole out and boo boo they get to kiss. Every lecture they deliver and time out they pace through.

I am jealous of the good byes they never have to say, the tears they never have to wipe away, and the sad toddler faces they never have to see as they pull away.

I am jealous of their ability to simply be there, through the good days and the bad, day after day after day.

I know it’s no picnic being a SAHM, but I am, and always will be, more than a little jealous.

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