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Mostly Wordless Wednesday: A Labor Day Tradition.

My husband is a pretty awesome daddy. He changes poopy diapers. Fixes crust-free grilled cheese sandwiches. Even does his share of housework (which makes mommy a much happier mom).

But best of all, he loves spending time with her. He always has time for kisses and hugs. Can be found teaching her useless trivia during quiet moments. And is ready to share playtime whenever she is.

So today, I’d like to continue a tradition I started two Labor Days ago—celebrating those quiet daddy daughter moments that I usually take for granted.

It all started with this gorgeous shot:

Daddy n Tori during her first Labor Day

Five months in, she already had daddy wrapped around her finger

It was taken at a crowded Labor Day get together—but Daddy and Tori still found time for fun together.

Then, last year, I captured this moment:

Brian and Tori during last year's Labor Day celebration.

She's a lot bigger, but he's no less smitten.

And this year? Well this year it was harder to find those snap-worthy moments (neither of them sat still long enough). But I still managed to get them…

Daddy n Tori on Labor Day this year

Sharing her love of tutus with daddy. I think he looks good in purple, don't you?

Here’s to many more happy Labor Day moments in the years to come.

An Artist in Training.

In the days before Tori was born, and in fact for many months afterward, Brian had a mantra of sorts. “Be a lawyer. Be an engineer. Be a doctor.  Just don’t major in liberal arts,” he’d whisper to her.

He’d talk about how we needed to buy her chemistry sets and teach  her math and make sure she was friends with all the smart kids. Anything to steer her away from the artistic tendencies that are no doubt all over her genome.

Through it all I’d smile and roll my eyes, knowing full well that we’ll ultimately let Tori be anything she darn well wants to be.

And sure enough, it wasn’t long before Brian began to change his tune. When she began to show a passing interest in music, Brian hauled my old electronic keyboard out of the garage and together they’d spend hours (well, okay minutes. We are talking about an infant’s attention span here) making “music.”

Soon, he was talking about the budding virtuoso we had on our hands.

And when she started coming home from daycare with paintings? Daddy puffed up with pride. He examined each one, eventually proclaiming that Tori has an actual Style.

“See how she uses textures?” he’d exclaim. “And the circles, they’re concentric!”

Shortly thereafter, he dug out his own oil paints, built an easel and started painting again. He insisted it was for his own enjoyment, but I know there’s a little part of his brain excited to teach her about the art he loves.

And sure enough, this was the scene in his “art room” on a recent Sunday morning. Tori had discovered his easel, and wanted to paint. But since oil paints and toddlers don’t mix, Brian went to the garage to find his old acrylics and sorted through it, looking for bottles she could paint with.

Finding the right paints.

Creating the perfect palette for our budding artist.

Painting together

Before long, Daddy and baby were creating masterpieces together.

Daddy and Tori painting

Now that's what I call quality time.

I think it’s time we admitted to ourselves that we don’t know how to raise an engineer. But a piano-playing, oil-painting writer? That we can do.

This post was inspired by Alli n’ Son, who’s taking part in a month long challenge to capture those she loves on camera over at the Joy of Love. The post idea I’m borrowing asked her to catch her loved ones doing what they do. Go visit – her pictures are lovely.

How Do I Top This?

Last year, my daughter had not one, but two ridiculously cute Halloween costumes.

This one:

Tori in her fairy costume

The world's cutest pint-sized fairy.

And this one—my hand’s down favorite.

Tori the silly monster

The silliest monster in Indiana.

So. That was her first Halloween—which was obviously all about the photo opps. And while she can walk this year—meaning we’ll probably hit up a few houses for candy—it’s still pretty much about the pictures. Plus, this is probably the last year  she won’t have an opinion about her costume, so we’ve got to make it a good one.

But what should she be?  Keep in mind, I have little to no sewing ability, so fancy homemade costumes like the ones my mom used to make are out of the question. However, originality counts.

Who’s got an idea?

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