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Is The Perfect Potty Out There?

A few months ago, I got just about the best news a diaper bag-toting mom can get. My daughter, her teacher told me, was showing an interest in potty training!

So I did what any overly enthusiastic first time mom would do. I ran right out to Target and got my  precocious 18-month-old daughter her very own potty chair.

Fisher Price Cheer For Me Potty

Cute as a potty can be.

And not just any old potty chair. Nope, the one I got looked just like a regular toilet! And had a place for toilet paper! And sang every time the potty-er actually did what they were supposed to (i.e. pee in the potty)! I thought it was adorable.

Tori did too. When I got it out of the package, her face lit up, and she couldn’t wait to  try it. In fact, for several days, she would take me by the hand every chance she got and lead me to the bathroom where her potty was so she could practice sitting on it.

Everything was going swimmingly—until the day she actually peed on the potty.

When the first drops hit, it started to sing. And when it did? She didn’t know what to think. First she looked afraid, then confused, until finally curiosity won out.  She immediately got up and peered at the potty chair beneath her. Then she bent down and stuck her hand in it—quickly locating the little sensor. And sure enough, that happy song blurted out again (this time, over the sounds of my horrified, “Tori, no! No putting your hands in your pee pee!”).

I hoped she would soon forget what she had learned, but alas, she had discovered the potty’s secret and never wanted to pee on it again. Instead, she liked to climb in, over and on it, seeing how many different ways she could set off the sensor.

Next, she decided she wanted to pee on the Big Person’s Toilet. And after it became clear that she was either going to sit on the Big Potty or fall in trying, I ordered her a training seat and her very own step stool. Make that a series of step stools.

The first was too low, and almost resulted in Tori getting her very first swirly.

The second was too high, and very nearly ended up with Tori splitting her head open on the corner of the sink.

The third almost worked…but my still klutzy toddler still had to struggle to position herself on the toilet.

Clearly, we need a better option—especially since she’s now getting to the age when real potty training progress might actually be made.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Our potty training savior?

This past weekend, I did my research.  I checked reviews on Amazon. Googled “best potty chair.” Read articles like this one on Slate about the search for the best potty. And they all seem to agree—the Baby Bjorn potty chair is the way to go.

So I ordered one. In yellow, of course, since that’s both her favorite color and her favorite word (other than owl). It’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Will it finally get us started on the road to potty training success? Hard to say.

But at least I won’t have to hear it’s overly cheerful voice singing about toilet paper in the middle of the night (The Fisher Price one sings for no apparent reason. Often at 2 a.m.).

Wish us luck. Oh, and if you have any potty training advice? I’m all ears.