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I Have A Say About My Reproductive Health. And So Do You.

Right now, congress is debating the future of women’s health. They’re trying to decide how much access to birth control we should have.

It started as a reaction to the provision in Obama’s Affordable Care Act that requires employers to provide access to birth control without co-pays or deductibles.

But it’s gone much farther. Blame it on the election if you want, but whatever the reason, certain key conservatives are claiming women shouldn’t have access to any birth control.

And that’s not all.

Right now, this very morning, two senators are bringing the Blunt-Rubio bill to the floor. If it passes, it will let employers—any employer—deny coverage for health services they object to. This is targeted at birth control, of course. But if it passes, your boss could deny you access to other preventive health services, including mammograms and cancer screenings.

In response, more than 80 organizations have banded together to form the Coalition To Protect Women’s Health Care. And they’re asking us—all of us—to make videos voicing our opinions about the Affordable Care Act and about women’s need for affordable access to birth control and other preventive health care services.

This has gone way beyond abortion, people. It’s time to make a stand—before we find ourselves without any control over our bodies at all.

Ready to join in? Upload your video to YouTube, then link it on the Coalition To Protect Women’s Health Care site. Or sign the petition supporting women’s right to make their own health care decisions on Barack Obama’s website.

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