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Snap Happy.

When I was little, taking pictures was a big deal. You had to have the camera on hand, equipped with batteries and film. Plus, film was expensive. So you didn’t take 500 pics looking for the perfect shot. You took one, maybe two, and hoped you got what you wanted.

And after all that, you still had to remember to get the film developed. Which rarely ever happened.

Now, of course, most of us have pretty sweet cameras right in our pockets. We can pull it out at a moment’s notice, snap a pic (or 50), edit it, and send it out to the world at large. All within minutes.

Take a moment to appreciate how huge that is. Because it is. Huge. Mind boggling, really.

I love having the ability to document my life like that. I love being able to capture my happy moments—big, small or teeny tiny.


Little Handprints on our dusty Car

I can snap a pic when the sight of Tori's hand prints makes me smile on an otherwise grey day.


The first tree buds

I can celebrate the first tree bud sighting with everyone I know.


Tori's prom dress pajamas

I can catch her striking a pose…


Tori sleeps in the car

…and catch her at sweetly sleepy moments.


My snuggly cats

I can document the feel of my warm fuzzy buddies piled up beside me…


Tori feeds Jasmine

…and show the world how gentle a giant a 150-pound newfoundland can be.


Some might say I take too many pictures. But I don’t plan to put that magic little phone down any time soon. These are the memories I want to treasure. The itty bitty joys that put a bounce in my step and a smile in my heart—even when The Man’s getting me down.

I wouldn’t trade them for anything.


Same Slide. Whole Different Day.

When you live with a toddler, you learn to take change for granted.

Your toddler suddenly loves broccoli? Don’t get used to it.

You’re constantly warring with your mini-despot every time her diaper (well, Pull-Up) needs changing? Don’t worry. It will pass (I hope).

You can’t get enough of his dinosaur roar? Better record it now, because it’ll be gone tomorrow.

But it’s not until you look at actual pictures that you realize how much your little one has grown. Case in point: the two pictures below. They’re taken on the same slide, in almost the same pose…just a year apart.

Tori on the slide last year.

This was last October. Look at that adorable baby pudge!

Tori on the slide last week.

This is Tori on the same slide last week. Where did my baby go?

The time. It flies. At warp speed. Warp speed, I tell you.


The Tale of the Lost Pigtails.

I knew that leaving my husband in charge for a few days was dangerous. Not because he can’t handle caring for Tori full time—he’s an awesome dad—but because he has issues with her hair.

Issues as in a complete inability to wrestle it into the pigtails she’s become famous for.

I pulled those pigtails just as tight as I could before I left, but by Saturday, her hair ended up looking like this:

A little ragged, to be sure. But when this photo arrived on my phone?

I did a double take. That didn’t look like the pigtailed baby I left. And when I got this one?

I may have let out an involuntary sob. My baby’s beautiful golden curls, the locks that had cascaded halfway down her back, were gone.

Yes, it was too long. And yes, it needed to be cut. But part of me? Is still very sad I wasn’t there for this:

tori getting a hair cut

All in all, it’s probably a good thing my husband mustered up the courage to do this. I may have waited until her hair was dragging on the ground before getting it cut.

And I can still wrangle it into her signature look. He made sure.

But it’s going to be a while before I leave that man alone  with my child’s hair again. I wouldn’t want her to end up with a buzz cut.




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