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The Search For Lauren Hits Home.

What did you do for lunch today?

I spent part of mine stomping through the woods behind my house, peering into thickets and poking bulging leaf piles with sticks. I was searching for something—something I never thought I’d have to look for. The body of a missing girl.

But Lauren Spierer is missing, and I had to make sure she wasn’t somewhere I could find her.

You’ve probably read the headlines about Lauren Spierer. You’ve probably seen the cute blonde girl’s picture smiling back  at you from the missing person’s flyer.

Lauren Spierer Reward Flyer

You’ve probably heard about how she disappeared late Friday night, and how a whole town has mobilized to find her.

But you can’t imagine how it feels to be living in that town. To wonder if you’re going to be the one who accidentally stumbles upon her. To spend your drive time scanning the cornfields, woods and construction sites you pass, looking for…something.

People are gathering three times a day to search for her. Police are diving into local lakes and looking through dumpsters. Farmers  (and there are a lot of those around here) are combing through their outbuildings and fields. And we were all asked to spend 20 minutes during our lunch hour today searching our own surroundings—just in case.

It’s all anybody can talk about. Because things like this? Don’t happen here.

Bloomington is the kind of town where you can feel safe walking just about anywhere—even at 4 in the morning.

Bloomington is a  small town. A college town. A place that belongs in the world of Leave It To Beaver—not CSI.

But, as Lauren’s disappearance has reminded us, bad things do happen here. Men fight. Lovers quarrel. People steal. And 90-pound college girls go missing after venturing off alone into the night.

Have you seen her? Have you heard anything? Her family is desperate for information—any information. And since the internet is making the world ever smaller, the clue that leads police to her whereabouts could come from anywhere.

So keep your ear to the ground. Your eyes peeled. A young girl is missing, and its going to take all of us to find her.