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Imagination Rocks: An Encore Presentation.

I’m taking a little break this week. Spending some much needed time away from the office…and with the family. In the meantime, though, I thought I’d re-post a little ditty about the birth of my girl’s imagination.

It’s in full swing now, of course. She’ll spend hours playing with her dolls in an imaginary world, and making up stories, and singing songs, improv-style. But last summer? It was all new. And it kept me going during the depths of those terrible twos.

Tori swings

What have you discovered today?

Did you know I have a pink bear living in my backyard? No really. I do. He wears blue boots and a purple shirt. And he likes to yell “ROOOAAARRR!” at the top of his lungs.

I also have a troll living under our bridge. But he’s not a grumpy troll. Nope, our troll is happy, and likes to sing “Happy Birfday to You…” also at the top of his lungs.

You might have a hard time seeing him, though, because he’s green. Like the grass around him.

It helps camouflage him when the flying dolphin comes by. The Purple Flying Dolphin. Who likes to get drinks out of the bird bath.

We also have talking butterflies, singing bees and great, big Scary Spiders who live in the rocks (well, that last one is true).

And, of course, a two-year-old girl who’s discovered her imagination—and finally has the vocabulary to tell us all about what she’s seeing.

Every day as we walk hand-in-hand through the yard, she gives my heart another squeeze with the stories she spins.

Yesterday, we passed a dinosoar. But don’t worry. He was friendly. He just wanted to smell the flowers.

The night before, the ocean came to visit. I’m not sure how it got there, but her little swimming pool was filled to the brim with its wild, wild waves.

And just this morning, she told me we now have a hippo living under her playhouse. He likes it because its cold—hippos like snow, you know.

We’re going to the pool later. I’ve already been warned that there’s probably going to be sharks. But don’t worry. They don’t bite.

They’re just there for the ice cream.

Encore Presentation: It’s Only For A Little While.

I am tired. And recovering from another cold. And suffering from countless nights in a row of interrupted sleep. So…I’m posting this. I needed to be reminded of this today.

Oh, toddlerhood. It’s full of belly laughs, epic tumbles and tantrums. Lots and lots of tantrums. But every time I find myself wanting to scream with frustration or hit the fast forward button on time, I remind myself. It’s only for a little while.

When she abandons her high chair in favor of my knee, and chooses to eat from my plate rather than her own, I remind myself. It’s only for a little while. So instead of getting annoyed, I slip her another bite.

When she wants to play ring around the rosy for the hundredth time, I remind myself. It’s only for a little while. So I risk a churning stomach and twirl her round again.

When she chatters at me in Tori speak, telling me stories I can’t even begin to understand, I remind myself. It’s only for a little while. So I get down on the floor and listen hard.

When she sticks to me like super glue, crying “Up, Mommy!” every time I put her down, I remind myself. It’s only for a little while. So I ignore my screaming muscles and pick her up again.

When she reaches for me from her crib, wanting yet another hug before she goes down for the night, I remind myself. It’s only for a little while. So I scoop her up and hold her tight.

When she wakes up screaming for Mommy in the middle of the night, I remind myself. It’s only for a little while. Someday I won’t be able to chase away the fears that haunt her in the night. So I go to her and I hug her and kiss her and rock her back to sleep.

She’s my baby now. But she won’t be for long. So I try to cherish every moment, knowing that this time we have together? It’s only for a little while.