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A Short Term Bucket List.

One week from today, I will be 35. I could pretend that doesn’t bother me, but that would be a lie. By now, my teenage self was sure I’d have written a novel, made my first million, sailed around the world and gained the power to fly (I always wanted to be a superhero).

Well, unless there’s a winning lottery ticket hidden underneath the sofa cushion I’m currently sitting on, none of those things are likely to come true in the next week. But there are a few, far more achievable goals that I’ve set for myself.

A very short term bucket list, if you will. So here, in no particular order, are a few things I have to do before midnight on October 11th:

Dye my hair back to something resembling my natural color. I actually already did that (I like to start To Do lists with something I can immediately cross off).

Teach Tori how to jump in leaf piles. Jumping in leaves has always been one of my very favorite fall activities. And sharing that joy with her? Is something I’m definitely looking forward to.

Get caught up on my laundry. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. I have ten, maybe twelve loads to do (at least). But I’d really like to be able to see the bottom of my walk in closet sometime in this century.

Visit a real cider mill. Indiana claims to have cider mills. Which can only mean that none of these people have ever been to a real cider mill. One with a water wheel. And cider made on site. And donuts. Especially donuts. As a Michigan girl, I simply can’t understand how an apple stand can pretend to the title of “Cider Mill” without offering any sugary, cinnamon-y donut-y goodness.

Sleep for eight hours. In a row. It’s a dream I have. A much-loved, often-imagined, never-realized dream. This must be resolved.

Find a pair of jeans that fit and make my ass look good. i have three types of jeans in my closet right now. Those that are practically falling off, those that fit but make me look like a mom, and those that almost fit—and would look pretty sexy—if I could just refrain from eating (at all) for the next three weeks. This is a situation that must be remedied.

Plan my next vacation (or at least come up with a plan for a plan). Why? Because I like vacations. What better reason is there?

Think of an idea for a novel. I’d like to write one before I’m 40. Between, you know, writing blog posts  and taking care of my daughter and my house and spending time with my husband and going to work and… Okay. So it might be tough. But a girl’s got to have dreams, right?

So that’s it. My bucket list for the next week. What’s on your bucket list?