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My 2012 Resolution? Lose the Guilt.

It’s New Year’s Eve. Which, of course, means we’re all supposed to pause and think about what we want from the upcoming year. To make those infamous resolutions.

I’m only making one. And that? Is to do my damnedest to lose the working mommy guilt this year.

Sure, I let others take care of my daughter between the hours of 9 and 5. But I’m leaving her in some very capable hands. We work as a team, her teachers and I. Together, we’re raising a smart, confident girl capable of taking on the world.

And while I’m gone, I’m doing something important.

I’m showing my daughter that it’s okay to chase her dreams. That she really can be anything she darn well pleases. After all, what’s the use of telling our girls to shoot for the sky if we’re just going to clip their wings once they have families?

That’s just plain dumb.

So this year, I’m going to continue to do what I do. I’ll have to make compromises along the way. And I won’t be able to do everything I’d like to. But I’ll do my best – which is all my daughter asks of me.

I am a working mom. A role model. And that? Is an awesome thing to be.