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BBB Round 2: Week 4

Remember how excited I was about my weight loss accomplishments last week? Yeah. That was nice.

Apparently, I jinxed myself because this week I didn’t lose anything. Nothing. Nada. Not even .1 pound.  Of course, that might have something to do with the plethora of restaurant meals I ate. Wendy’s. Penn Station. And let’s not forget Cracker Barrel and its biscuit topped pot pie.

All wonderfully healthy options, wouldn’t you agree?

What can I say? When the deadlines stack up and the stress piles on, it gets hard to eat well. Especially when you live in the backwaters of America, as I do, on the side of town where the populace seems to live on fast food and not much else (I am often horrified by the carts in Kroger. Who knew there was that much frozen fried food out there?).

What’s that, you say? Enough with the excuses? Okay.

I’ll just resolve to do better. Starting tomorrow. Right now, the in-laws are in town, which means another Search for More Food. I’m trying to make good choices, but those choices are still being made in bulk.

Wish me luck.

Now it’s your turn. Who has good news…or a confession to make?

BBB Round 2: Week Three.

At long last, my sisters and brothers in weight loss, we’ve reached the last weigh-in of January. By now, according to all the weight loss “experts,” we should all be finding it easier to stick to our healthy (okay, healthier) habits.

After all, three weeks is supposed to be the magic number. That’s how long they say it takes to re-train your brain. So, in other words, we should be starting to find it easier to pass up the ice cream in favor of a yogurt by now, and less difficult to haul our butts to the gym instead of to the couch.

How ’bout it? Are you finding this to be true?

I’ve yet to have three weeks of good health this year, so I’m not really sure it applies in my case. However, I did feel guilty about the ice cream I ate last night (and only had a small bowl). And when picking up a rotisserie chicken for dinner the other night, I got some sweet potatoes and salad stuff to go with it instead of potato salad and cole slaw.

So I guess I’m learning (again).

The scale says I’m doing something right. I was down 3.6 pounds this week. I’m pretty sure that fleeting stomach bug I had was at least partly to blame, but still…it gives me hope. Maybe I really will be back in my skinny jeans by April.

Talk to me, people. How did you do this week?

BBB Round 2: Week 2 (Seven Ways To Stay Motivated).

January is winding down to a close. You know what that means, don’t you? Most people who made New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight and get fit are…losing their resolve.

Not me. I’m still going strong. And the scale rewarded me – I’m two pounds lighter today than I was this time last week (you can all clap now). Those descending numbers are, in and of themselves, motivating, but lord knows, they’re not always enough to keep you going.

So I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some of the things that help me stay strong when I want to quit.

Take your measurements – The scale doesn’t always give me the positive feedback I need. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not slimming down. That’s why, at the start of any diet, I take all my measurements: bust, waist, hips, arms and thighs. Sure, the numbers make me want to cringe, but when I slide that tape measurement around my waist and see a smaller number peeking back at me, I can’t help but smile.

Track your food – I know, this might seem counter-intuitive. After all, there’s nothing more discouraging than realizing that you’ve blown your calorie budget five days in a row. But, if you keep it up, you’ll notice that your habits are getting healthier. That you’re learning how to eat better. So, even if you have to admit to eating three pieces of cheesecake, you’ll have all that written proof that your dessert overload is an aberration, and not the beginning of a pattern. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to stay strong.

Schedule workouts – and tell someone about it  – Penciling a workout in isn’t enough for me. Because when I’m tired? I don’t really care that my calendar says I’m supposed to get to the gym. My husband is my secret weapon. I tell him I’m going to go, and then I tell him to make me do it. Sometimes, this forces him to call me some fairly nasty names, but in the end, I go.

Every once in a while, slide on those skinny jeans – At first, you may not be able to get them over your thighs, let alone button them up. But over time, they’ll get closer and closer to fitting. And that? Is sure to make you feel good.

Set mini-goals, and reward yourself when you reach them – Right now, I’m shooting for a 5 percent loss. When I get there? I’m going to treat myself to a salon color job (instead of reaching for a box). That gives me something to look forward to…and motivation to get there before my roots start showing (Tori’s turned me gray!!! But that’s a gripe for another post).

Put a picture of your skinny self on the fridge – I have this photo of me in a bikini. An honest to god string bikini. And I look good (which is hard to imagine right now). But proof that I can look that hot will (sometimes) keep me from reaching for the ice cream.

Give yourself a deadline – For me, that’s Tori’s first birthday. I’m hoping to fit into my pre-preggo jeans by then, but really, my goal is to just not look pregnant anymore. Because on her first birthday? There will be pictures. Lots of pictures. And I don’t want to cringe every time I look at them.

Those are my tricks. But I’m sure you guys have your own. So spill it. What keeps you motivated to lose weight?

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