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Fifteen Years.

Fifteen years ago today, I put on a poofy white dress, click clacked down the aisle in my sassy white sandals, and married the love of my life.

Standing there in the light-filled altar, with joy bubbling up through every cell of my body, I was sure I could never be more in love with the man standing next to me than I was at that moment.

I was wrong.

It grows every time he pushes me out into the air, encouraging me to fly when I’m not sure I can.

And every time he holds me close, soothing my hurts and chasing away whatever’s troubling me.

It grows each time we work together to solve a problem that seems to have no solution.

And every time we spend an evening weaving dreams and inventing possibilities.

It grows when he gives all of himself to our daughter, teaching and playing and shaping the person she will become.

And when he withdraws into himself, brain clicking as he creates, invents, and tinkers (even as I roll my eyes).

It grows in ways both small and big, through choices both conscious and instinctive.

It never stops. It never falters. It is the one thing I can depend on even when the ground is shaking under my feet.

It’s been 15 years  since we declared our love in front of God, our friends and family, and everyone else who cared to listen.

And I’m quite sure our hearts will still be declaring their love, silently, but with every beat, through all the days of our lives.

Happy Anniversary to you, my love.


In Celebration of My 20th Reunion: Ten Things That Have Changed (and One That Hasn’t).

Right now, in a fancy pants ballroom in a posh hotel in my hometown, many of my high school classmates are gathering to reminisce, re-connect, and, I’m guessing, preen a little.

I am not among them.

High school was not a high point of my life. I wouldn’t relive those years for any amount of money in the world. But it wasn’t all awful. I have more than a few fond memories.

I’m a little bit sad that I’m not there.

So here, in no particular order, are ten things that have changed about me in the last 20 years.

1. I no longer have zits. But I do have wrinkles.

2. I no longer drive a shitty red car. I drive a pretty red car.

3. I no longer wish I could fast forward five years. I would, however, like to pause the clock.

4. I no longer have mall hair. I do have mom hair.

5. I no longer struggle with fashion. I do still  have a hard time with current fashion trends, though (I already lived through the 80s, after all).

6. I no longer think my parents are dumb. But I’m pretty sure my daughter thinks I am (sometimes).

7. I no longer have to punch a time clock. But sometimes I wish I could clock out.

8. I no longer wonder what I’ll be when I grow up. But every once in a while I have to remind myself that I’m a grown up.

9. I no longer have to eat whatever my mom cooks. But I really wish she was close enough to cook for me.

10. I no longer have a curfew. But I do have a strict 11:30 p.m. bedtime.

And here’s one thing that hasn’t changed:

I’m still madly in love with the hunky guy who escorted me to prom.

Me and Bri at prom

(But I am glad  that his waist is no longer smaller than mine).


Listen To Your Mother Show: Now Live on YouTube!

A little more than two months ago, I took the stage as part of the Indianapolis cast of the Listen To Your Mother Show.

It was a fabulous night full of laughter, tears, and beautiful stories told by a spectacularly talented group of women.

That night, only 300 people were able to hear our stories. But, as of now, anyone in the world can listen in.

The national Listen To Your Mother Show organization just posted the videos for all 24 shows on their YouTube channel. Mine is one of them.

I hope you like it.

I also hope you take the time to listen to (and watch) all of the videos there. Not all at once, of course. But when you find yourself feeling a little down, maybe in need of a little encouragement? Click on over.

There are hours and hours of inspiration waiting for you.

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