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A New Story for a New Year (on a New Platform)

Just a Taste

I like deadlines. Well, no, I don’t like deadlines. I need deadlines. If I have no deadline, then nothing gets done.

This is not a great way to live, but some things aren’t worth fighting.

So, what’s a writer to do when she needs a deadline, but doesn’t yet have a book contract that would place one on her? Invent one, of course.

Or, more to the point, a series of deadlines. By placing her latest book up on Wattpad—and committing to putting new material up every Saturday.

At least, that’s what this writer did.

I released the first chapter of Just a Taste (which is most definitely not what it will be called if Harlequin ever does agree to be publish it), into the wilds of Wattpad this morning.

Next Saturday I’ll post the next one and the next one the week after that…and so on and so forth until it’s actually done.

It’s not perfect. Far from it. I’m still just telling myself the story at this point. But you guys can listen along with me—and hopefully, help me make it better by the time I hand it to my editor.

So what the heck is Wattpad?

Basically, it’s a social media site, where writers post their stuff, for free, and people who like to read stuff, read it. For free. And they comment and converse and have a good time doing it (I think).

You can follow people, and put their stories in your library, and read them from wherever you happen to be, on whatever device you happen to be on. Did I mention it’s free? I do hope you’ll come find me there.

And what’s Just a Taste about?

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s the description I posted.

When YouTube star Lily Sands returns to Dolphin Island for some much needed R&R, she runs smack into her old flame and first love. She has no time for love these days…but a vacation fling? That could be just what the doctor ordered.

Dan McGowan has no business getting involved with Lily again-he still has the scars from the last time he had to let her go. She can’t have his heart again. But his body? That’s another story.

After they’ve had a taste, the real question becomes…can they walk away when their time is done?

It will be a little bit silly, a little spicy, and hopefully, a lot of fun. Won’t you join me?

Check out Just a Taste.


I Got My Picture Taken. And It Was Pretty Awesome.

You see that headline up there? Those are two sentences I never thought I would ever utter (or, errr, write) in the same breath.

But it’s true. In preparation for professional authordom, I recently bit the bullet and got myself a real headshot, by a real photographer, in a real studio. That I paid real money for.

Even though I really didn’t want to.

And it turned out to be an amazing experience.

This is one of the photos the photographer took, but it’s not the best one:

Amber Page headshot

To see my real favorite, you’re going to have to check out the other blog. The author-y one. I’m talking about 5 reasons getting a professional headshot is totally worth it over there tonight…

I’ll write you a real post soon. But right now, I need to get back to book #2. The deadline is rapidly approaching. Wish me luck!