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BlogHer: First Thoughts.

I’ve been home for almost 24 hours, but I haven’t quite digested the whirlwind experience that was BlogHer 12 yet. As I said in my tweet this morning, it was awesome, and amazing, and inspiring, and absolutely, positively exhausting.

A few images from BlogHer.

The City

New York, the third time around, wasn’t nearly as intimidating. Of course, this time I had my iPhone, along with its maps, and apps, and general cheat sheets to help me find my way around. I still only saw a fraction of it. A corner of Central Park. FAO Schwartz. Fifth Avenue.  Little Italy and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Just enough to make me want to see more.

Someday, I will.

The BlogHer Teaching

You guys? My Geek Bar sessions were amazing. When the time came, I wasn’t the least bit nervous. I knew I know my stuff. And I knew I could teach other people how to do what I know how to do. And I did.

My “students” said things like “light bulbs are going off right now.” And “oooohhhhh, so that’s what that means.” And, “wow, that finally makes sense.”

In other words, I did my job. And I enjoyed doing it. In fact, I think I’d like to do more teaching. I just have to figure out how and where.

The BlogHer Sessions

I chose the sessions I went to very carefully this year. I was looking for inspiration. And motivation. And straight up girl power. I found it all. In spades.

I am freshly motivated. Ready to make a difference. And prepared to take on the whole damn world if I have to. Can you hear me roar?

The BlogHer Keynotes

President Obama opened the conference. Need I say more?

The keynote speakers were amazing and inspiring and….see the very first sentence of this post. I came away with a sense of my own power – our own power. We women (bloggers and otherwise) are a force to be reckoned with. We run the whole damn world (the world just doesn’t always realize it).

I am thinking it’s our duty to do something with all that power. Something good. Who’s with me?

The BlogHer Bloggers

I love me some bloggers. Lady bloggers especially. They are my people.

I had so many fantastic conversations, I was almost hoarse by the end of the day. I made a habit of plunking myself down next to a random stranger. And walked away with quite a number of new contacts and friends.

The world is a fascinating place, filled with even more fascinating people. If you need proof, just go to next year’s BlogHer.

The BlogHer Travel

Sucked. That is all.

The Welcome Home

Made me never want to leave again. My daughter threw herself in my arms. My animals wrapped themselves around my legs. And my husband? Well, he sighed in relief.

In other words, I had a good time. I’ll write something deeper and more worthy of this blog. Later. After I recover. Right now? I need to sleep.

The Little Worries.

Unlike most of the 4,500 women currently preparing for their BlogHer trip, I’m not worried about the clothes I’m going to wear on my back or the shoes I’m going to put on my feet.

That’s because, for the first time in my adult life, I have a wardrobe I feel pretty darn good about.  No matter what I throw in my bag, it will look fine – and more importantly, make me feel confident.

Nope, my worries are both eye-rollingly silly and completely Debbie Downer.

I worry that my plane will crash. Or terrorists will attack. Or something else truly Awful will happen, and Brian will have to raise Tori without me.

I wonder if she would remember me if the worst happened.  If, at three, I’ve created enough of an impression on her for my memory to keep her company when I cannot.

I also worry that something will happen to Brian and Tori while I’m gone. That they’ll get sick, or be hurt, and I won’t be there for them. Won’t be able to get to them for hours and hours. That would drive me insane.

Who else would teach her how to properly wear underpants?

There’s nothing I can do about any of this, of course. The universe will do what the universe will do, and all I can do is hope and pray.

But that doesn’t seem like enough.

So instead, I clean the kitchen until it sparkles. Do all the laundry, folding and hanging every item of clothing they could possibly want.

Tonight, I will bake some cookies (and maybe some cake). I’ll change all the sheets, and clean the bathrooms.

I won’t be there to take care of them for a few days, but I can make sure the evidence of my love is everywhere around them.

Tori and I had some extra snuggle time this morning. As I held her sleep-warm body close to me, I whispered in her ear.

“Remember, sweetie, I love you. And even when you can’t see me or hear me, I’m always thinking about you, missing you, and loving you.”

Her response?

“I’m hungry. Can I have some toast?”

That’s what you get for trying to get deep with a preschooler.

Brian, when told of my worries, says, “good thing we have life insurance on you, then.”

That’s what you get for trying to get deep with a smart ass.

Still, I know they love me, and they know I love them. We’ll be back together in a few days. Until then, I’ll carry my worries with me – along with the memory of my hubby’s teasing smile to calm me down.

That’ll have to do.

My BlogHer Face(s).

The blogosphere can sometimes seem like a pretty small place. Most of us frequent the same little neighborhood of blogs, follow the same people…we feel like we know each other.

My avatar

My current avatar.

But at BlogHer? You realize that the Internet is, well, huge. And people, even people you think you know well, are often hard to identify by their avatar: A photo, that let’s face it, is often not a very good representation of what they actually look like on a day-to-day basis.

Mine was – when I first posted it. But it’s summer now. I’m a bit tanner. A lot frecklier. And, thanks to a recent hair dye miscalculation, not much of a red head.

That’s why I decided to play along with the Faces of BlogHer blog carnival I read about at my friend Wendy’s place.

Here you’ll see unedited pictures of me, the way I looked today, after a day of birthday partying and mom-ing. In other words, real.

When I got up, I did my hair, put on some makeup…the whole five yards (I rarely go the whole nine). Then I left the bathroom. This was the result not too long after:

How I really look.

This is me, happy to meet you.

Now, walking down the halls, I’ll probably look a little …stern? I’m not unhappy. Just spacey. I think it’ s my German heritage coming through.

Serious Amber is serious.

Serious Amber is serious.

However, once I see you, and we squee, then I’ll come in for the hug. Be prepared:

Hi, friend!

However, if you see me in the minutes before my first Geek Bar session, I’ll look more like this.

presentation, what presentation

Teaching Amber has stage fright.

But I’m sure I’ll do awesome. And hopefully those of you who come will learn lots. But at the end of the day, I will definitely have earned one (or five) of these:

My face behind a glass of Chardonnay. Remember it.

That face may be followed by other strange expressions only a rhythmically-challenged white girl can make on the dance floor. You are forewarned.

So, that’s me. Not scary at all. Well, the zit on my chin is, but it didn’t ask permission before taking up residence. Now, let’s see your mug!


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