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And The Winner Is…

It’s been fun, but the My Baby Clothes giveaway is finally over. I wish you all could have won, but alas, it doesn’t work that way.

So the winner the Random Generator chose was:

Winner of My Baby Clothes GveawayBy my count, comment #60 was this one:

Congratulations, Mary!

My Baby Clothes: Fashions To Drool Over (and On).

When I found out I was pregnant, I secretly hoped that I would have a little girl. I mean, sure, I said it didn’t matter as long as the baby was healthy, but I really wanted to buy frilly dresses, and floppy bows, and pint-sized Mary Janes.

Happily, I got my wish. And I’ve been obsessed with dressing Tori in Total Cuteness from head to toe ever since.

So when My Baby Clothes asked me if I would like an outfit to review? My answer was an emphatic yes.

For those of you who haven’t discovered this delicious site yet, let me introduce you. It’s an online boutique stuffed with all kinds of ridiculously cute clothes, including tutus (you guys know how Tori loves her tutus). They’ve got lots of other stuff too, including baby headbands and baby hats for your littlest nuggets.

I spent a good 45 minutes on their site, trying to pick out what I wanted—and before (painfully) making my selection, I had at least a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff in my mental shopping cart.

In the end, I chose this:

Tori wearing Mudpie Dress From My Baby Clothes

What's black and white and cute all over? Tori in her cow dress!

It’s a great little dress. Well made, lined and, of course decorated with that adorable cow patch. There’s snaps underneath the bows on her shoulders, too, so it’s easy to pull on and off.

tori sitting in her cow dress from My Baby Clothes

It's not a tutu, but that little bubble skirt is just as adorable.

And best of all? When you poke her tummy, Tori obligingly lets out a big “MOOOOOOOO!”

Tori swinging in her cow dress

Nothing's cuter than a mooing kid.

In short, I’m a fan of My Baby Clothes and I think you will be too. Especially since you can win a $25 gift certificate to the store!

Want to win your own dose of Cuteness for the baby girl or boy in your life? Leave me a comment telling me which cutie patootie you know would be the beneficiary.

I’ll even give you extra credit options. For more entries, you can:

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And don’t forget to leave me a separate comment for each thing you do. That should keep you busy for a while. But don’t dawdle—the giveaway closes July 21. And, I apologize to my foreign friends, but this one’s only open to U.S. residents.

This review was made possible by MomSpark Media. I was given a $25 gift certificate to pick out whatever I wanted from the store. Thoughts, opinions and mooing babies are all mine.


Praise From a Princess: The Ultimate Potty Training Solution?

When I was pregnant, I hoped with all my heart that I’d end up with  girly girl—and I did. That toddler of mine would wear tutus night and day if I let her—paired with my tallest, spikiest heels and a tiara in her (uncombed) hair.

Pull-Ups Training Pants From Huggies

Even the package is pink!

But despite early potty training success,Tori continues to engage in some very unprincess-like behavior—going potty in her pants. It’s discouraging to say the least.

Enter the new Pull-Ups® Training Pants from Huggies®.

They are pink. Very pink. And decorated with…Disney princesses! Which, for a toddler obsessed with all things girly, is perfect.

The first time I showed them to her,  she was in the middle of a diaper changing-induced temper tantrum.

“Look, Tori,” I said. “If you’ll let me get that dirty diaper off you, you can wear these Big Girl Pants!”

After one look at the pretty pink Pull-Ups  I held in my hand, she abruptly stopped screaming.

“Pink diaper?” she asked.

“No, honey, these are Big Girl Pants. You can pull them on and off yourself!”

She grabbed it from my hand and grinned. “Big Girl Pwin-cess?”

“Yep. If you promise to try and go pee pee in the potty, you can wear pretty pink princesses all the time!”

She was sold.

We wore those pretty pink Pull-Ups all day. She never managed to actually pee in the potty (although she did pee on the floor next to the vessel in question), but she tried hard. Really hard.

So, after dinner, I logged on to the Big Kid Calls site and arranged for Cinderella to give Tori a call. Really!

The folks behind the new Pull-Ups have partnered with Target to put together a site where you can schedule calls from Disney characters to reward your munchkins for using the potty. You have two choices—Lightning McQueen or Cinderella. I, of course, chose Cinderella for my princess (although I listened to the Cars’ recordings, and they’re pretty cool).

I’d like to say she was thrilled to get the call, but honestly? She was a bit confused. When I held the phone up to her ear, she listened for a second, then said, “Gwandma?”

I shook my head and answered,  “No, it’s Cinderella! A princess!”

She nodded vaguely and walked away.

The lesson? Tori’s a little too young for telephoning princesses. But princess Pull-Ups? That’s something she can get behind. I do believe they’re going to be a fixture in our household (until she graduates to pink princess underwear).

And you know what? You can win a $25 gift card to Target so you can try Pull-Ups for yourself—and schedule Big Kid Calls for your hard pottying potty trainers.

How? Well, start by leaving me a comment with your best potty training tips and tricks. That’s good for one entry. Then, if you want extra credit, you can:

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And remember, leave me a comment for every thing you do! But do it fast—the giveaway for the $25 Target gift card will close July 6.

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored by MomSpark Media. I was given a $20 Target gift card in order to buy Pull-Ups Training Pants to review. But the thoughts, opinions and lisp-y dialog presented here are my own (and Tori’s).

And the winner is…

Huggies Gift Card winnerSarah B. Congrats, Sarah!

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