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Because Every Girl Needs a Pretty Dress (or five).

I do not understand the world’s fascination with jeans. I don’t.

They’re stiff. Bulky. The metal button digs into your belly after a while. The zipper straight up burns you if you pull them on out of the dryer. And nothing is more unforgiving when you gain a pound or five.

Give me a dress any day.

They’re cool and comfortable in the summer, allowing for better ventilation and less covered skin.

They’re soft and warm in the winter, especially when accompanied by some sweater tights and knee high boots.

They can make you feel sexy, clinging to every curve, or provide camouflage when you’re feeling less than confident.

They can go anywhere, do anything, and look good doing it.

Plus, it’s a one-and-done wardrobe decision, i.e. pure awesome sauce.

That’s probably why half of my summer wardrobe comes from Modcloth.

Some days I walk around looking like a piece of pop art.

ModCloth dress that's good enough to eat



Others, I revel in polka dots.

Hepcat dress from ModCloth


And this dress? This dress has taken me through job interviews and dinner dates with equal aplomb.

Cobalt dress from ModCloth

And that is just a sampling of the ModCloth dresses that are in my closet. I know there are other sites out there that specialize in dresses, but ModCloth just fits me, you know? My style.

I am always singing their praises. And right now you can get $10 off your first ModCloth purchase. Just click that link and they’ll take 10 bucks off your bill (if it’s your first purchase, you spend at least $50).

But, to be honest, so will I.

So yeah. This is a pretty self-serving post.

But I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t seriously love them, and think that you will too.

Go. Look. Love. And buy. You won’t be sorry.

Disclaimer: ModCloth did not ask me to write this post. The “Share the Love” $10 off promotion is something they’re running for all their current account holders. All opinions are 100 percent my own, and I love this store to death.  

A Book So Funny It’s Scary. And You Can Win a Copy!

Back when I was a little baby blogger, Scary Mommy was one of my very first bloggy crushes. I had no idea who she was, of course. Back then, anyone who had more than 150 followers was a Hugely Famous Blogger in my book. But she was funny, and real, and always made me feel better about my parenting skills.

You really should read Confessions of a Scary MommyThat’s probably not a surprise to any of you. Since she’s one of the  biggest bloggers around, chances are you read her too. But I like to think I discovered her first.

Now she’s a published author. Or at least, she will be when her book hits the shelves on April 3.  And I’m not the least little bit jealous (I’m also a liar).

It’s called Confessions of a Scary Mommy, and you guys? It’s a really good book. A laugh out loud funny kind of book.

Each chapter is kind of like a really long blog post. The book has the same humor and flow as her blog, and covers the topics we’ve come to expect from her. She talks about her obsession with birthday parties, her hatred of those perfect, bikini-clad moms, how completely ridiculous the Mom Club is and how obnoxious everybody else’s kids are (because, let’s face it, they are).

It’s a book that can act as both a really effective form of birth control and a lifesaver for an overwhelmed new mom.

It’s also chock full of confessions straight from the Scary Mommy Confessional.  Confessions that will have you nodding along, laughing out loud and shaking your head. You’ll relate to some, judge others, be entertained by all.

What else can I tell you? If you’re a mom, you probably want to read this. If you’re not a mom but think you might like to be one, you really should read this.

And I can give you one. In fact, I can give you an autographed copy of Confessions of a Scary Mommy.

Want it? Then leave me a comment. It’d be awesome if you told me why you’re a scary mommy (or a scary mommy wanna be), but if you’re tired, or stressed, or just don’t have the time to get creative, the sentence “I’d really like to read Confessions of a Scary Mommy” would work.

That’s it. No hoops. No extra entries. Just leave me a comment and I’ll pick a random number. Sound good? Good. I’ll leave this giveaway open until March 3. Now go leave me a comment (with your email address, please).

Disclaimer: Jill gave me a copy of her book, but didn’t ask me to write any sort of review at all. I just liked it and think you’ll like it too. In other words, all thoughts and opinions are my own, ya da ya da ya da.






The Search For A Healthy Snack: Halo Style

You know those moms who refuse to let their kids have sugar? The ones who swear a cookie shall never touch their precious angels’ lips? Who make their little monsters throw their Halloween candy in the trash after trick or treating is over?

I am not one of those. I believe that, like all things, goodies are perfectly fine in moderation.

That said, I’m not really a fan of Oreos, or Cheetos, or any of that other processed stuff. I’ll let her have it every once in a while, but I feel a whole lot better about myself if I can actually pronounce everything on the ingredient list. When I start seeing things like transglyceridesulfiteacid number 9, I get a little antsy.

However, as we’ve already established, I don’t have a lot of time, either. So while Tori and I will often cook up a batch of pumpkin bread (use applesauce instead of oil and it’s almost healthy) or blueberry oatmeal muffins on the weekend, for the most part, homemade treats are out.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to test a little treat called Halo Bars. They’re low in sugar, dairy-free, and best of all, completely organic. That means everything in them is real. And therefore, I can not only pronounce everything on the ingredient list, I actually know what they are.

Halo Bars—An Angelic Way To Snack

They gave us four flavors of Halo Bars to try: Rocky Road, Honey Graham, Smores and Nutty Marshmallow. Of them all, the adult contingent preferred the Nutty Marshmallow.

But little Miss Tori? She loved them all. I took to carrying one in my purse at all times, because I knew if she got crabby while we were out, I could bribe her to be good with a “cookie” and not worry that I was sending her to obesity hell.

Best of all? I could look those disapproving Smug Mamas in the eye and say, “oh, don’t worry. These are totally organic. Vegan, even. Her pediatrician actually encourages me to give her these.”

That last bit, of course, is something of an exaggeration. I never actually asked her pediatrician about them. But I’m confident that if I did, she would approve. As long as I continue to brush her teeth twice a day (le sigh).

They’re gone now, unfortunately. But all is not lost. The maker of Halo Bars is offering my lovely readers a 40 percent discount on their “angelic” treats. I’m going to order myself another box. To claim yours, go here and use the discount code BLOGGER.

Even better, one lucky reader will win a free box of Halo Bars (there are 12 in each package). Want it to be you? Then leave me a comment telling me why you need to have a snack in the house that you can actually feel good about. I’ll pick one winner at random on October 27.

This review was made possible by MomSpark Media. As always, thoughts, opinions, greedy toddlers and passive aggressive behaviors are my own.


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