A Visit to the “Happiest Place on Earth”

Ahhhh, Disney World. A world full of magic. Where smiles are constant, families are relaxed, and stress is nowhere to be found.

Wait. What?

I’ve just come back from there, and I wouldn’t describe it as pure magic. I would describe it as often magical, frequently stressful, and, every once in a while, temper tantrum-inducing.

Oh. And I was the one throwing most of the tantrums.

First, the magical bits

Seeing Tori’s reaction as she met her favorite princesses was amazing. Seriously. My heart nearly burst out of my chest when I saw the joy on  her face.

Tori meet Cinderella

You see, to her, they’re still real. Princesses are real. Minnie and Mickey are real. The Be Our Guest restaurant really is the Beast’s castle. The reason Rapunzel’s blonde is because her hair grew back. And Belle? Really does go back in time every time Enchanted Tales with Belle begins again.

belle and tori

Every little girl should get to go to Disney while she’s still young enough to believe.

There were other magical moments, too, of course. Riding with her on The Barnstormer (a mini roller coaster). Having giraffes walk by while we ate dinner (Sanaa). Watching her daddy spin her around the floor as they danced at the Biergarten. Seeing the fireworks at Cinderella’s castle.

All amazing.

And, of course, I super puffy heart love the world showcase at Epcot. The buildings are gorgeous. The food is terrific. And hello? There are margarita stands (not that I ever got one).

us at epcot

 Now for the stressful bits

A Disney vacation requires more planning than a military invasion (or at least that’s the way it felt).  You have to make your dinner reservations (ADRs for short), months in advance. Get your Fast Passes (i.e. ride reservations) weeks ahead of time.  And then you have to make it to all of those places. On time.

That meant there was no room for carefree, let’s-see-what’s-around-this-bend adventures. I had a watch, an app, and a determination to “do it right.”

I don’t operate very well in that mode. In fact, I tend to turn into a bit of a bitch.  And when buses are late, or children are dragging their feet, or husbands are spending too much time in the bathroom, my claws come out.

And just so you know, buses are frequently late. And it takes waaaay longer to get places than you think it should. And it’s not nearly as easy to figure out where you’re going as you’d hope it would be.

And kids? Just want to go to the pool. Or at least mine did…when she wasn’t meeting princesses.

the shirts bri made

See those yellow shirts? My husband made them. Tori had one. She knew how hard her daddy worked on them. But guess what? She refused to wear hers.

So, would you do it again?

Still, all in all, I am super glad we did it.  And I would go back. Especially if I could get my room upgraded to a courtyard view at the Wilderness Lodge again.

the wilderness lodge at night

I have had lots of vacations. And I will go on lots more. But Tori will never again be this young, or believe in magic this much. It was the perfect time to take her to Disney World.

But next time we head out of town? We’re going to the beach.





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