Mommy Days.

It has not been a healthy winter in our household.

There have been a lot of colds, a few flu bugs, and even a rogue bout of pink eye.

But no matter what bug is causing the illness, they all result in the same thing: a Mommy Day.

These are what the rest of you probably refer to as sick days. And indeed, that’s what I call them when I cringingly send in the early morning email detailing the reason for my absence.

But to Tori? They’re Mommy Days, plain and simple.

On a Mommy Day, she doesn’t have to go to school. Doesn’t even have to get dressed, as a matter of fact.

On a Mommy Day, she can spread out her picnic blanket on the living room floor and prepare a plastic foodie feast for  the two of us to eat.

Tori lays out a picnic feast.

On a Mommy Day, she gets to watch copious amounts of TV while snuggled under a blanket on the couch next to me.

On a Mommy Day, she eats Princess Sandwiches piled high with cheddar cheese and tomatoes and then grilled…with pink sprinkles.

On a Mommy Day, she dons her frou-frouiest pink princess tutu and her sparkliest crown, then twirls around the family room with her similarly attired mommy, dancing to the beat of P!nk, Prince, and Sophia the First.

Tori and I dressed for the ball

In Tori’s world, Mommy Days are pretty awesome. Even if they do come with sniffly noses, raging fevers, and crusty eyes.

It gives her a glimpse into the world of what life would be like if mommy didn’t have to work.

But I like to think that these days are all the more special, because they are so rare (well, rare-ish).

I kind of hope that she’ll remember them fondly, and know that she was loved, even if she was shuttled off to school every day.

I know I will. Remember them fondly, that is.

And while I certainly hope we stop getting sick so damn often, I am glad that we get these little windows of time together.

Sick days are much more fun when shared with someone you love.

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