Wordful Wednesday: Four Generations Together.

My grandma, as it’s well known, is not usually a very nice person. Her face is set in a frown so often, we’ve been known to warn her that it’s in danger of getting stuck that way.

But for a few precious hours on Christmas Eve, she was transformed. She finally got to meet her  great granddaughter—and at the sight of her, she was so overcome with joy, she actually cried.

I’d never seen her be so patient. She didn’t pick at my appearance (usually my weight is a prime topic), or badger my mother, or bad mouth the relatives who weren’t present.

She just sat there and played with Tori, letting her grab her nose, her chin and even the glasses off her face. And the expression on her face?

I’ll never forget the absolute love that shone from her eyes as Tori reached out to touch her cheek. I wasn’t able to capture it on film (or on memory card), but that’s the image that will stay with me as long as I live.

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