Things That Make Me Happy: The Award Edition.

When the days get short and the temperature plummets, it’s easy to lose sight of the good things in life and focus on the negative. Lord knows I’m guilty of that particular sin. In fact, I was in danger of falling into just such a funk when my friend the Mommyologist gave me an award.

And not just any award. This is an award about happiness:

When you get it, you’re supposed to list ten things that make you happy. And that is, ahem, something I’m happy to do.
My fireplace—my office is kept at about 20 below zero, so when I come home, I’m freezing. Enter the gas fireplace and its lovely instant flames. Nights like this find me, my dog and both kitties crowded in front of that precious spot of warmth.
Flannel pajama pants—My husband hates them. Hates them with a capital H. And I know they’re pretty much the opposite of sexy. But really, is there anything more cozy on the face of the planet? I don’t think so.
Sally’s Spa—It’s a game for the iPod Touch I got for Christmas. And it’s completely silly—you just run around trying to give people facials and pedicures and things—but also strangely addicting.
New running shoes—I’d been making do with the crappy ones I bought before I got preggers. But my feet grew during pregnancy, so my toes were constantly bumping the top, giving me blisters. Then last week I finally broke down and bought some new ones.  My feet haven’t stopped thanking me yet.
My daughter’s laugh—I’m pretty sure there’s no better sound on the face of the planet than a baby’s laugh. No matter how bad my day has been, that little giggle never fails to make me smile.

A really good F-bomb—I know the f word is not a nice one to use. But when you’re really angry? Nothing’s more satisfying than a really loud “what the F***, you f’ing f’er! That f’ing sucks!” Am I right? I am, I know it.

My husband’s cooking—If it were left to me, our weekly menu woould consist of baked chicken, pork chops and stuff out of a box. A great cook I am not. Luckily, he is something of a foodie and amateur chef, so our meals are much more adventurous. Not to mention yummy (who me, sucking up? Nah).

Flannel sheets—Kinda like flannel pajama pants, but better because they cover you from head to toe in coziness. A much better alternative to cold cotton sheets in the winter, don’t you think?

The return of funny TV—I don’t know if you noticed, but John Stuart and Stephen Colbert were gone for three weeks. Three weeks without the Daily Show makes me a sad panda. Thankfully, they’re back now, and I can once again be lulled to sleep by their sarcastic jokes.

Dropping numbers on the scale—Okay, I haven’t seen that yet. But I just did the first run of the Couch to 5K program, so it’s only a matter of time.

I know. That’s a pretty random list. But heck, it’s the little things.

Now as part  of this award, you’re also supposed to pass it on to ten other blogs. But you know what? You all make me happy. So consider yourself awarded!


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