BBB Round 2: Week Three.

At long last, my sisters and brothers in weight loss, we’ve reached the last weigh-in of January. By now, according to all the weight loss “experts,” we should all be finding it easier to stick to our healthy (okay, healthier) habits.

After all, three weeks is supposed to be the magic number. That’s how long they say it takes to re-train your brain. So, in other words, we should be starting to find it easier to pass up the ice cream in favor of a yogurt by now, and less difficult to haul our butts to the gym instead of to the couch.

How ’bout it? Are you finding this to be true?

I’ve yet to have three weeks of good health this year, so I’m not really sure it applies in my case. However, I did feel guilty about the ice cream I ate last night (and only had a small bowl). And when picking up a rotisserie chicken for dinner the other night, I got some sweet potatoes and salad stuff to go with it instead of potato salad and cole slaw.

So I guess I’m learning (again).

The scale says I’m doing something right. I was down 3.6 pounds this week. I’m pretty sure that fleeting stomach bug I had was at least partly to blame, but still…it gives me hope. Maybe I really will be back in my skinny jeans by April.

Talk to me, people. How did you do this week?

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