Wordful Wednesday: The Christmas Tree Edition.

We have tons of ornaments for our Christmas tree. Tons. Brightly colored balls, snowflakes, bows…you name it, we probably own it. But there are a few special ones that always get a place of honor. The ones that have stories behind them, or mark a special time in my life.

This one was the first my husband and I ever bought together. We weren’t married, or even engaged, but when he brought it up to the cash register, I knew we soon would be.

These two are part of a set we bought on our honeymoon. I agonized for days over whether or not to buy them – but finally decided I couldn’t go home without them.

A friend gave this to us as a wedding present. It’s just about my favorite ornament on the whole tree. We look so young…it really should be illegal for little kids to get married.
We got this the year we bought our first house. It was a shack, and we were broke beyond belief, but it was one of those rare moments in time when life seemed perfect.
Okay, so he’s not an ornament. But I love him to death. I paid $17 for him, which I remember because I only had $23 left in the bank. That shopping trip was also the last time my mom and I managed to pull off a Serious Shopping Day – so you could say his purchase marked the end of an era.
This is the newest addition to our tree. I can just hear her, sometime in the future, saying “is that really me, Mom? Was I really that little?” I’m going to buy her her own ornament every year. Just a little tradition I’m starting…

I think she’ll appreciate it. After she realizes that the ornaments are supposed to stay on the tree. I’m thinking it might be a few years.

And that brings us to the end of another Wordful Wednesday. Now head on over to Seven Clown Circus and get your fill of eye candy!

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