How to Spend More Than $200 in Less Than Five Minutes.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been feeling kind of sorry for myself lately. Do you know what I like to do to cheer myself up? Buy things. So I got on the Gymboree website and filled my cart with all the cute little baby things I could stand.

Things like this gorgeous dress, which can be yours for only $32.75.

And this tutu skirt, a bargain at just $28.75.

But as every good What Not To Wear watcher knows, you can’t buy just one piece. You have to get a whole outfit. So into my cart went this adorable little bodysuit, just $16.75.

Of course, it’s cold in Indiana, so I figured she’d need a sweater to keep her warm. Cue this number…

And these tights (those are ballerina shoes, in case you can’t tell).

Back out into the virtual shopping arena I went, only to find this ridiculously cute penguin hoodie (which makes the register ring to the tune of $24.75):

Which obviously needed this shirt ($19.75):

And these pants ($26.75):

Finally, just for shits and giggles,  I added this coat (a whopping $39.00):

The damage? Two hundred thirty four freaking dollars. And I didn’t even get the polka dot shoes, or faux leopard print boots. Luckily, it was a virtual shopping cart, so I could abandon ship  without anybody seeing my embarrassingly bare wallet.

And that, my friends, is why I shop at Target.

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