The Great Interview Experiment: Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon The Great Interview Experiment over at Citizen of the Month. What’s that? Basically, anyone who wants to play leaves a comment. They then interview the person who commented before them, and are interviewed by the person who comments after them.

It’s all very random, and a lot of fun. Today, it is my pleasure to bring you Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas, The Great Interview Experiment edition.

It’s very cold and wintry here today, so I kinda want to hear about somewhere warm. Where’s your favorite place to go in Las Vegas?

Hmmm. Good question. It depends on the day. I could give you a really Vegas-y answer and tell you the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio, but to be honest, I love spending warmer days feeding the ducks and geese at Lorenzi Park or hanging out at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. If it’s cold, I have a blast chasing them around the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum.

Hmmm. Cold and Las Vegas. Not two things I would normally put in the same sentence…

Just out of curiosity, do people who live there actually visit the casinos?

Yes. We do. But I rarely gamble. When I’m on the strip, it’s usually because I’m going to one of my favorite restaurants or to a concert. Otherwise I’m off strip unless someone’s in town who wants to see it all. I do have a few friends who like to play poker on the strip, but most of us just see the strip as just another intersection in town.
I can see that. Also, they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what about those of you who live there? Do you get to be extra bad as a general rule, or do you have to go somewhere else to do your sinning?

Funny question. Truth be told, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, etc. what happens in Vegas is on the Internet in 30 seconds or less. Am I extra bad because I live here? Some would like to think so, but I think I’m pretty geographically equanimous when it comes to sinning.

We’ll just have to take your word on that. 😉

Alright, on to blogging. Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging because I love to write and my regular job didn’t afford me as much opportunity to write creatively as I would have liked. I also wanted to tell the story of being a parent in Vegas because I didn’t see that perspective out there. That said, most of the accounts I write could happen anywhere and a good chunk of people who read and comment aren’t parents.

It’s funny how blogs just take on a life of their own, isn’t it? What’s your favorite part about blogging?

The people I’ve met. Like her, her, him, her and, oh yeah, this guy.

Who are some of your blogging heroes?

Eek. I hate that term. I try not to put people on pedestals, as they tend to fall off and squish me in the process. I will tell you that reading these folks inspired me to get started and these people keep me motivated to keep it up.

Alright, we’ll call that a newbie mistake. I’ve actually heard that from a few people lately. The copywriter in me  needs to come up with a better word! Change of subject. What has been your biggest challenge as a blogger?

Still writing even though I can’t write about what I really want to write about because the blog is not the appropriate venue to hack through some issues.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written something, only to think, “no, I can’t possibly print that” before hitting the publish button.

Speaking as someone struggling with figuring out how much sharing is over-sharing in the blogosphere, do you ever worry about writing about your kids?

Yes and no. I’ve kept their pseudonyms because they’re not of an age where they’re able to understand enough about what I’m doing to opt out. Also, I want them to get a job and move out some day and the last thing a prospective employer needs to do is Google my son’s name and read about our potty training and sleep challenges. The things I write about (at least when it comes to them) come from a pretty common place and I don’t think they would be harmed by what I’ve put out there so far.

You have to choose one post to put up next to your picture in the Blogging Hall of Fame. Which do you choose as your favorite?

Ugh. It’s like telling me to pick a favorite child. It depends on the day and where my head is at. The favored kids are always on my “best of” page.

Fair enough. Let’s talk about life for a minute. Your dream vacation. Name it.

Six months in Europe with a Eurail pass and a limitless AMEX card with someone else paying the bill.

Your dream job?

Pastry chef.

You say you have a thing for drummers. If you could have a fling with the drummer of your choice, who would it be?

That’s easy. Him.
Somebody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to get a tattoo. What would it be?
A Compass in the middle of my back, between my shoulder blades. No gun necessary, as long as someone else is buying.

That’s cool. I have a somewhat regrettable tat of Winnie the Pooh…which I paid for. So I’d have something to write about for a journalism class assignment. But that’s a story for another post.

Are there any careers you absolutely hope your kids don’t aspire to?

Honestly, no. As long as it’s legal and they’re happy and they’re able to support themselves, I’m fine. Doctor, lawyer, astronaut, garbage person, nun, tattoo artist, whatever. If they are blessed to hear a calling to a profession, have the drive to get through the education and training they need and love what they do, great. My job as a parent is to help them explore opportunities and their potential. I put the resources and encouragement behind them, but, in the end, it’s got to be what they want, not what I want for them.

That’s an admirable point of view. One my husband would do well to adopt (right now he wants her to be a doctor. Or an electrical engineer. Snore).

What’s the one toy you hope your kids never bring into your home?

I’m holding firm on my anti-Bratz dolls stance.

I can respect that. I hate those things.

If this isn’t too sensitive of a topic…what’s been your biggest challenge adjusting to life as a single mom?

Good question. It’s harder to get 1:1 time with them now, but we still make it happen either with adjusted custody schedules or a babysitter. Also, it’s hard knowing that they’re having some important life experiences without me there. But, I faced the same longing when the Day Mommies stepped in so I could go back to work. I deal. I don’t have to like it, but I accept that it’s part of life now.

I’m a new(ish) mom, and many of my readers are too. Any advice for us rookies?

Three things:
1. Don’t take parenting too seriously. They won’t remember most of your mistakes and neither will you.
2. No one else will know what’s best for your child better than you.
3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

They won’t remember? Are you sure? Can you guarantee that? ‘Cause I’m making more than my share…but I haven’t dropped her on her head (yet) so I’m calling that a victory.

We’re also mostly new kids in the blogging world. Any advice for making friends?

Blogging is as much about relationships as it is about writing. Be yourself, tell your story honestly and with your own voice. Go out and read other sites, comment, check out the sites of people who are commenting on your favorite blogs. You’ll find shared interests and get involved in each other’s trials and tribulations. Comment, but don’t stalk. Chat on Twitter. Go to BlogHer or another blogging conference and have fun being yourself. The best relationships are the ones that happen organically.

Kinda like real life, huh?

More importantly, are there any faux pas you can keep us from making? What ticks you off more than anything?

Big faux pas? I guess the biggest ones I’ve seen are when people try too hard to be “big.” They want what Dooce has and are willing to sacrifice their voice and point of view for giveaways they think will drive readership. The folks with huge followings have earned them because they are compelling storytellers.

Amen, sister. I just don’t get the whole popularity contest side of things…

As a side note, I, personally was interviewed by the blogger behind The Adventures of Being A Dick. You should seriously go over there and check him out, because that man is hilarious. Not exactly family friendly (at least not all the time), but really freaking funny.

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