Banishing the Baby Belly: The Holiday Edition (Week 1)

I know, I said I wasn’t going to think about my weight this month. I lied.

I just got on the scale, and it told me I’m up two pounds. I’d be more worried about that if I hadn’t eaten enough for three people yesterday.

First we had our holiday potluck at work. Sure, I tried to stick to veggies and fruit, but the dessert table? Would not be denied. Then my husband and I went out for dinner, and I filled my belly with yummilicious steak (and a to-die-for piece of flourless chocolate cake).

So those two pounds probably aren’t completely real. And if they are? Oh well.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty mellow this morning.

Later today, we’ve got to head up to the Real City to go car seat shopping for Tori. Which means fast food somewhere along the way. So there’s challenge #1 for this week.

And given the fact that it’s officially less than two weeks before Christmas, the office is likely to be a minefield of goodies this week. I’m going to limit myself to noshing on one munchie a day (or that’s the plan, anyway).

Capping it all off will be the office Christmas party, which is traditionally followed by a pub crawl that lasts until no one can stand up anymore. So next Saturday? Is probably not going to be a good one.

But I’m just going to do the best I can knowing that come January 1, I’m going to pay for any sins I commit now.

So that’s me. Anybody else want to confess their sins?

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