Banishing the Baby Belly: Holiday Break.

You know what, kids? It’s the holiday season. I’m busy, you’re busy…the whole world’s busy.

I did get on the scale today, and it reported no loss. But no gain, either. But given the season (and the fact that I’ve had house guests two weekends in a row), I’m going to call that a victory.

I’m also going to call that the last official weigh in (at least that I’m going to admit to) until after the holidays. That’s right. Banishing the Baby Belly is going on break until January.

When January comes? I’m going to hit it hard. This weight is going to come off.

But for now, I’m happy with maintaining a holding pattern. I simply don’t have enough energy to keep up with it right now.

Yeah, that’s a cop out. But it’s my blog and my challenge, so I’m allowed, right? Don’t answer that.

So how about you? What are your holiday goals?

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