Banishing the Baby Belly: Week 9

You know what? I’m taking a pass this week. That’s right, I’m not getting on the scale.

You’re allowed to do that every once in a while in Weight Watchers, if I’m remembering correctly. I had a bad week this week for a number of reasons. Plus, I ate heavily yesterday, so I know the scale’s going to lie to me, so I’m just not. Going to do it, that is.

Instead, I’m going to finish eating my 100 calorie yogurt and take advantage of the fact that Tori’s supposed to be napping to go for a run. Outside. Then I’m going to come back and put my gardens to bed for the winter.

And I’m not going to think about that dreaded scale at all. Do you believe me? Nah, me neither.

But I’m still not getting on. Not this week. I don’t think I could take it if it’s a bad number.

So that’s me and my cop out. Anybody have anything to report this week?

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