Banishing the Baby Belly: Week 10

Today is a good day. I got ten hours of sleep, the sun is shining, my hair is cooperating, and the scale? Says I’m down two pounds.

Even better, I’m finally feeling like I can do this. Get this weight off, I mean. For the last few months, I’ve been going through the motions, telling myself I need to lose the pregnancy pounds, but not really believing I could make it happen.

Although I didn’t want to admit it, I was kind of convinced that I was doomed to look like this forever. That my days of feeling sexy, of feeling pretty – of not hating what looks back it me in the mirror – were gone.

But something’s changed. Suddenly, I have momentum.

Yesterday, there were doughnuts in the office. My favorite kind of doughnuts. And I was hungry. But you know what? I wasn’t even tempted (okay, yes I was, but only for like five seconds). My inner voice, the one I call the Diet Captain, took control, and I realized that I would only hate myself later if I gave in.

So I didn’t.

I’m feeling good. I’m feeling strong. And not even the holiday season is going to stop me.

I mean, sure, I’m going to eat my share of treats (it’s not Thanksgiving until I consume a pile of stuffing as big as my head), but I’m going to keep it in check. I’m going to keep the scale moving down (if only slightly).

Because my skinny jeans? Are waiting for me. And I fully intend to wear them to Tori’s first birthday party.

So that’s me. Anybody else have anything to report?

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