And Away We Went.

Recently, I saw the movie Away We Go. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the story follows a pregnant couple as they visit various cities looking for a place to call home. It spoke to my heart.

Why? Well, because after the years of Badness, that’s exactly what Brian and I did.

At the time, we lived in the same town we always had, not more than ten miles away from where we grew up and fell in love. We were surrounded by all the people who loved us – which was great. Most of the time. But it was also a little suffocating.

Not because anyone was trying to be overbearing, or tell us what to do, but because they knew who we always had been, and expected us to stay the same. Be the same. And we? Couldn’t. We had to change.

So we decided to make a complete break. To venture out on our own and discover who we could be – not who we were supposed to be.

I found a job in Cincinnati, and after spending a weekend there, we decided to do it. To make the move and start over.

It was frightening and exhilarating at the same time. We didn’t know anyone. We had nobody to fall back on. We were completely and truly on our own.

Over the next few months, we worked to rebuild our lives. To make Cincinnati home. But it just didn’t work. It felt too crowded. Too segregated. Just wrong.

So we prepared to pull up stakes again. I interviewed in all sorts of places – Memphis, Nashville, Louisville – even back up in Detroit. But none of those cities felt right either.

Southern Indiana wasn’t even on our radar. Until I interviewed here – just for a lark.

But walking around the town on the night of my interview, I knew I had found it. The place we could call home. The quaint downtown, the tree lined streets, the youthful vibe – it all felt right. So right that Brian agreed to make the move without ever seeing it.

I found us a sweet little house to rent and two weeks later, we made the move. By the way? Never move ten days before Christmas. It was an exhausting way to spend the holidays.

Brian found a job within a week, and we began the process of rebuilding our lives. Again. But you know what? This time, my instincts were right.

We fit in here.
We have friends here.
We have…roots.

Given the business I’m in, I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to stay here forever. But I hope we’ll be here for a while. Because this? Is our place. It’s home.

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