A Year Well Spent.

Fall always finds me in an introspective sort of mood. When the leaves change and the night air chills, I tend to take stock, evaluating the past year and thinking about what changes need to be made.

But this year? Was a very good year.

It’s almost impossible to believe that last fall  I was just beginning to shop for maternity clothes, my growing belly the only sign of the momentous changes about to take place. Tori hadn’t even begun to kick yet—she didn’t seem real.

Obama wasn’t president yet. Every night, my husband and I sat and watched MSNBC, railing at the stupidity of the republicans (sorry, lovely republican readers, but we did), and vowing all sorts of rash actions if Sarah Palin found her way to the White House.

This blog had hardly begun. It was something I wrote in every once in a while, when I remembered to do it. I had no idea how important it was about to become to my sense of self.

My career was on an even keel. I had no idea three rounds of layoffs were coming our way (and yes, I am thanking my lucky stars that I survived them). I only knew I worked with a good bunch of people, folks I was glad to call my friends.

And my marriage? Was in a great place. We were both excited about Tori’s impending arrival (also shit-our-pants scared). As we celebrated our ten year anniversary, it was with a great sense of joy, accomplishment and anticipation of things to come.

Now, of course, Tori is very real, and the (sometimes  explosively poopy) center of our lives.

The democrats have taken control (for now), and big changes seem to be afoot.

This blog is my playground, my therapy couch and my place to meet friends.

After three months off, my job picked up where it left off, and now I feel like I was never even gone (and yes, I’m still thanking my lucky stars every time I get a paycheck).

My marriage? Stronger than ever. We’re a family now, not just a married couple, and I’ve found lots of new reasons to love him  (everybody say awwww).

It’s been a very good year. Challenging, but good.

So good that as I was blowing out my birthday candles last night, there was only one thing I could think to wish for. And that? Was for another year just like this one.

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