Let’s Talk About Advertising.

As most of you know, I get paid to write…advertising. Which, some would say, is not the same thing as being a “real” writer. You know what I say to those MoFos? Try it. Just try it. For a month, a week, heck, even a day. Spend a few hours in the trenches and you’ll understand. We work harder than any other kind of writer out there. And we earn every penny we make.

Here’s an educational video for you to watch:

Now, some of us, indeed, most of us, would kill to have a running shoe company as a client. Because, from the outside? That looks like fun, y’all. Getting a budget that big to play with would be like winning the lottery.

It takes big bucks to put together something like this:

But no matter how big (or small) of a fish you are in the advertising pond, it ain’t all that glamorous. Us creatives? Really aren’t all that rock n’ roll as a general rule. Some are, and many more pretend to be. But most of us are not cool. Not cool at all. Nope, we’re all just crossing our fingers, hoping no one sees through the maskā€”and that those paychecks keep coming.

Because artsy liberal art degrees? Don’t really prepare you to do much of anything.

So we go to work. We put our creative juices to work for corporate America (and honestly? Most of the time it’s kind of fun). And we dream of the day we write that best selling novel that gets turned into an Oscar winning screenplay and a Tony award winning Broadway play.

After all, if we can’t sell ourselves on our own dreams, how can we hope to sell you anything at all?

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