Wordful Wednesday: The Vacation Edition

Turquoise water. Fruity drinks. Endless sushine. And infinite feeding opportunities. It was everything I’ve ever wanted in a vacation…which is good, because, as it turns out, it was our last trip as free-wheeling, happy-go-lucky, non-parental types.

Yes, for this week’s edition of Wordful Wednesday, hosted by Seven Clown Circus, I’m taking a trip down memory lane, back to the cruise we took last April. Why? Well, because with the arrival of fall, I always start hankering for a vacation (but rarely get one). There’s nothing like falling leaves and chilly nights to make me start longing for more tropical locales.

In fact, just this afternoon, I spent some time pricing cruise vacations I can’t afford to take. It’s a hobby of mine. On this particular trip, we sailed aboard the Carnival Legend.

When we left, it was rather cloudy.

So we went inside and had the first of many, many fabulous meals (You’ll notice a lot of these pictures feature me. That’s because our camera was brand new and my husband was afraid, not unjustifiably, that I’d drop it).

Finally, though, the sun came out, and the drinking vacationing could begin.

We had an absolutely fabulous balcony cabin. If I ever get to go on another cruise, I refuse to settle for anything less.
This was the view…
The ship was pretty cool, too. Although, most of the time we were on board, we were either on our balcony, or out here.
After a couple days of fun at sea, we docked in Cozumel, our first port. We immediately made our way to the beach, where we swam with pretty fishes (one of which decided to sting me).
Next stop? Belize. We chose to go snorkeling, and man, am I glad we did. We dove off a boat and let the current carry us back to this cute little island…
Finally, we docked in Roatan. When I booked this cruise, I wasn’t too sure about that particular port, but it turned out to be my favorite stop.
It had beautiful, beautiful beaches.
And even shipwrecks (which would suck if you were on that particular ship, but made for pretty photos)!
Finally, though, it was time for one last pina colada before heading home…
 Until next time. I hear Carnival has a great kids program…

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