Top Ten Thursday: Reasons Fall Doesn’t Suck.

Today’s post idea is brought to you by My Messy Paradise. I saw her Top Ten Thursday entry for today and couldn’t help but add my two cents…

I love summer. Love it with a capital L. The heat, the sun, the sandals…all are things that make me happy. But fall? Fall is my second favorite season. If it wasn’t followed so quickly by all the ick that is winter, it might even overtake summer. Here are ten reasons why:

Falling leaves—I love everything about them. The color, the smell, the way they sound crunching under your feet…and I never outgrew my fondness for playing in them. Every year, I make it a point to jump in someone’s neatly raked leaf pile at least once.

Cider and doughnuts—Growing up in Michigan, trips to the cider mill were an essential part of the autumnal experience. Sure, the lines were always long, the bees were always overly plentiful and the prices were exorbitant, but those doughnuts? Were totally worth it.

Halloween—I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the goofy fun that is Halloween. I still make a point to dress up most years, and of course, this year marks the return of trick or treating. So what if she can’t eat candy yet? We’re going!

Cozy sweaters—Sure, I hate having to put real shoes on. But the first day I get to pull one of my favorite old sweaters (ones that would surely get me stoned on What Not to Wear) almost make up for it.

My birthday—What’s not to love? It’s the one day a year that’s all about me!

Fireplaces—I’m echoing My Messy Paradise’s thought here. But I really do love sitting in front of a crackling fire. And now that we have a gas fireplace? All I’ve got to do is flip a switch and fire is mine!

Fresh apples—I know apples are in the grocery store all year round, but I refuse to eat them January through September. They just can’t compare to the juicy crunch of a really fresh apple.

My wedding anniversary—This October, we’ll have been together eleven (mostly) wonderful years, but that beautiful fall day will always remain fresh in my memory.

Chilly nights—I love burrowing under the covers on a cold night, the window bringing the sharp scent of fall into our room. It’s the best sleeping weather ever.

The beginning of hibernation—Most of the time, it’s cold and drab outside. Giving me all the excuse I could ever ask for to curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. Oh how I look forward to those days…yes I know I have a baby, but she naps! Don’t disillusion me, people!

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