Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Wardrobe Edition.


It’s Tuesday, meaning it’s time for some Random Thoughts hosted by the Un Mom. Ready? Here we go!

It’s recently gotten very, very cold here. In fact, we actually had to turn on the heat last night. Which brought me to two realizations. First, I have no idea how to keep Tori snug and warm at night without putting a blanket on her (which I’m not supposed to do for another six months).

Second? I have nothing to wear. And I do mean Nothing. Last year, I was pregnant. So any cute clothes I had were of the maternity variety. The year before, I was in the middle of the Diet to End All Diets Part I, and so did not really buy anything new to wear. And the year before that? The year before that I was happily fat, but the clothes from that era are either a smidge too big, or have long since been donated to the Goodwill. Leaving me with nothing.

Fortunately, my birthday is coming.  Usually that happy occasion brings with it an influx of new sweaters and things. But the fashion that I’ve seen lately? Does not make me particularly happy. My thighs are not of the variety that look nice in leggings. Tunics make me look pregnant. And pleats? God save me from pleats.

It might be a boring year in the wardrobe department.

I really need to learn to sew. I have a kick ass sewing machine, but it sits neglected in the closet, because I have never actually figured out how to make it…sew. I love the idea of making my own clothes. I just don’t like the work involved. In my heart of hearts, I really do prefer to be a slug.

However, inspired by all the cute baby tutus out there, I have decided to make Tori a fairy costume for Halloween (this will actually be her second costume. We picked up a dragon ensemble at the used kid’s store this weekend). I’ve got yards and yards of green, yellow and white tulle in my car. Along with ribbon, and elastic, and even a new pair of sewing shears. I’m all set.

Anybody want to take any bets on whether or not I get it finished? I’d say I have a 50/50 chance…

Oh. By the way. When the Banishing the Baby Belly challenge is over and I have my body back? I’m totally going to buy me an outfit from Anthropologie. I love their clothes. I just don’t love the prices. But after losing 30 pounds or so for the second time in 2.5 years? I’ll totally deserve it.

Now all I have to do is get that weight moving off of me… Maybe some pretty new gym clothes would help. You think?

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