Five Things I Learned This Weekend.

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend was full of adventure…just not the fun kind. I found myself navigating the world of illness, helping an infant who had no idea what was happening to her get to the other side (maybe that’s what the chicken was doing on the road).

Along the way, I learned a few things. What does nursing a sick infant have to teach a person, you ask? I’m here to tell you:

I’m much more patient than I thought. At the height of her fever, Tori cried for hours. Literally. Hours. But never once did I get frustrated with her. I just spent the time rocking, dancing and singing, wishing there was something more I could do (By the way, all you moms with colicky infants? Deserve a medal).

It is possible to nap while feeding a baby.  What? Did I say that out loud? No, I didn’t fall asleep with a bottle in my hand…and wake up with it dripping down the side of her PJs (she wasn’t snoozing either).

I can ignore a call from work. Normally, when I’m home during a work day, i jump up every time the phone rings, afraid my coworkers are in a bind without me. On Friday? I let not one, but three calls go to voice mail. First because she was sobbing, then because she’d finally fallen asleep on my shoulder and no way was I moving her.  Sure, I felt guilty, but not that  guilty.

Those rectal thermometers? Not as scary as I thought. Not that it was fun. But I did manage to get the thermometer, ahem, inserted, her temperature taken and back out before she even noticed (but oh, how my hands shook…).

The first post-sickness baby giggle? Makes it all worth it. There’s nothing better than hearing her laugh. Especially after 48 hours of sheer hell.

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