Sickness Brings Down the Page Household.

On Thursday, Tori started to come down with her very first cold.  By Thursday night, she was miserable. Snot was pouring out of her nostrils in rivers. Her skin felt like it was on fire. And her nose was so clogged up, she was panting like a dog.

Coincidentally enough, I started to get sick about the same time she did, and was burning just as hot. Two feverish people attached at the hip? Only make things worse for both. I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised when she started screaming. I felt like screaming too.

Two hours later, when she was still screaming, I really almost did join her. But my dear, dear husband thankfully intervened and I went to sleep for a little while instead. When I woke, she was yelling again. Or maybe she hadn’t stopped? Who knows.

Anyway, I sent Brian back up to bed for the whole 1.5 hours remaining before our alarm went off, and started pacing the house with her. We bounced. We danced. We sang songs (with choruses of coughs). Nothing worked. Every once in a while, she’d drift off, but as soon as I sat my exhausted butt down, she’d wake up and start that horrible, cranky “holy crap, I hurt Mommy, why can’t you fix this?” cry and up I’d get.

It was a long night. Followed by an even longer day. I had about 2438572348527949629 deadlines to meet at work, but there was no way I was leaving my poor, sick baby (I’m pretty sure there were some people cursing me to hell and back on Friday).  So I tried my best to field calls and answer emails between sobbing sessions (hers and mine), booger-hunting and temperature taking (wielding the rectal thermometer for the first time? is another post entirely). I even got some script writing done.

Slowly, she started to get better. And I started to get worse. She slept for 12 hours Friday night. I was up for half of those coughing and sneezing. And while she napped yesterday? I was burning up the keyboard, trying to punch out scripts.

I really need to spend a day in bed. But sick babies and looming deadlines leave no time for mama to rest. Thankfully, next weekend we’re going home. To stay at grandma’s house. If I can just make it through this week, I know my mom will take over for a few days…

Wish me luck.

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