Random Tuesday Thoughts


Keely over at The Un-Mom hosts this weekly lovelyness called…well, you can read that little button up there, right? Yeah. And I’m feeling nothing if not scattered at this very moment, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Their theme this week is “naked.” Now this here is a family blog,(in that my family reads it), so I won’t go anywhere too graphic with that.  But, you know, this blog is where I get “naked” on the Internet…where else can I let it all hang out, linguistically speaking, without anyone cringing in horror?

It took me four attempts to spell “linguistically” correctly, just in case you wondered.

Why is it that I feel no shame about shoving anything whatsoever into my mouth when I’m sitting with a bunch of guys (I’m talking about food, people. I told you this was a family blog), but when eating with other women, I get all self conscious?

Seriously. I always feel like they’re judging every bite that goes into my mouth. Maybe it’s because, secretly, I’m playing the part of Judgy McJudgy myself?


I suffer from city envy. I do just fine here in my little town most of the time, but get me anywhere near real civilization (Chicago, I heart you) and I start wishing I could magically transport my life to somewhere inside its limits.


Is it just me, or is it ridiculous that Back To School time automatically gets equated with the start of fall? I mean, it’s the beginning of August. And its 90 degrees here. But the kids go back to school tomorrow, so, yeah, sure, let’s pretend summer’s over already.


Persnickety is my favorite word. Just in case you wondered.


Why doesn’t the Pottery Barn sell any actual pottery? And have you ever seen a crate or a barrel for sale in Crate and Barrel?


Have you ever had a strawberry limeade at Sonic? If you haven’t, you should. I totally want one right now. But I’m in my pajamas. And it’s on the other side of town. And I haven’t finished this blog post yet.


I firmly believe life is too short for ugly underwear. I mean, what if you got in an accident and the EMS guy saw you in those graying granny panties?


Yesterday, I had to tell a fun fact about myself. I couldn’t think of a damn thing. It was humiliating.  Maybe I should have told them I don’t believe in ugly underwear?


Speaking of fun, who was the first person to decide that jumping off a bridge attached to a bungee cord would be fun? And how many concussions did he (I can only assume it was a man) get before he got it right?


Naked mole rats (just wanted to finish this post with a sentence containing the word naked. There, now I’ve done it twice!) are really ugly creatures. So ugly they’re almost cute. Kinda like bulldogs.

And now it’s time to put an end to this randomness. Stay tuned for something slightly less random tomorrow.

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