Random Tuesday Thoughts.

It’s Tuesday. Which means its Random Tuesday over at The Un-Mom. And, just for shits and giggles, here too (and that’s all the clever intro you’re going to get).

Yesterday, I drove to Chicago and back (Which adds up to ten hours in the car. No, it wasn’t fun. But I got paid to do it). Well, I didn’t actually drive. I was a passenger being driven to Chicago and back. As we drove home, (in the dark, of course) I decided that the view from the back seat is much better at night. Why? Because during the day, all you see are endless cornfields. At night? The cornfields are hidden, so you can focus on the pretty crescent moon in the sky, and the darting lights of the cars in front of you, and the moronic messages on the brightly lit billboards.

Note to all the billboard writers of the world: There’s a reason they’re supposed to be seven words or less. Any more than that andyourmessagegetslostasIwhizbyat80milesanhour…

Also, when you flash your brights at a truck driver who’s weaving all over the road, expect him to give you the finger. ‘Cause, you know, that sudden flash of light in his mirrors interrupted his nap.

Did you know that in twelve years, seven months and two weeks (or so), I’ll be the parent of a teenager? That’s scary. I wasn’t a fan of teenagers even when I was one. This thought occurred to me while listening to the other women in the car talk about their high school cheerleading daughters. What if Tori wants to be a cheerleader? As far as I’m concerned, cheerleaders are another species. Would I know how to raise one?

Next weekend, we’re making our first trek home to Detroit city with a baby. That’s at least seven hours in the car with an infant who gets antsy (read: ridiculously fussy) after an hour in her car seat. Will any of us be sane by the time we get there?

Last night, Tori woke up at 1:15, then again at 3:15, at which point she stayed awake until 4:25. Is this God punishing me for saying I might not get her baptized?

I think that’s all the randomness I’ve got. Stay tuned for a real post tomorrow…

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