The Diagnosis? Short, Round and Ridiculously Cute.

Tori had her four month doctor’s visit today. And you know what that meant. More shots.

But first, she set about charming everybody in the whole place. HerĀ  500 watt smile is quite the conversation starter. Thanks to her insistence on smiling and giggling at every last stranger, I made about 15 new friends before the doctor called us back.

One guy even told me his whole life story. It involved 5 zillion kids, 6 ex-wives and 3 million run-ins with the unemployment line (I might be exaggerating, but only slightly). My reaction? Proves I am a bad person. Because while I felt really sorry for him, I couldn’t help but fixate on his lack of teeth. (He only had two top teeth. And they were in the back of his mouth).

I wanted to give him the name of my dentist. But I’m sure he didn’t have insurance. Those against Obama’s health plan? Should talk to this man and his family.

How did he get six wives with those teeth? I know, I know, I’m a bad person.

Anyway, eventually we waved good bye to our new found pals and headed back to the exam room. Once there, she started blowing raspberries at the nurse, and kept trying to grab the poor woman’s nose while she was trying to measure her.

That, of course, made the nurse laugh. And then, of course, she had to pick Tori up and play with her. Even the doctor was delighted by her. She was all business when she walked in, but by the time she left, she was grinning from ear to ear.

Heck, even the shot lady felt bad about making her cry.

I swear, that kid is going to make me far more popular than I want to be. I am an Introvert. Notice the capital “I.” That means I am really not a fan of talking to strangers. At all. But she? Never met a person she didn’t love.

And when you’re attached to such a happy baby, you become the center of attention by default. And everyone assumes you’re an equally happy, friendly person. It’s kind of a problem…

Anyway, it turns out that Tori’s still only in the 10-25th percentile for height, but 75-90th for weight. So she’s well on her way to inheriting my body. Poor kid.

But short and round is great for a baby. And with that smile? The world will forgive her anything.

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