My Little Glamour Girl.

Ever since our not so successful photo shoot at Sears, Brian and I have been trying to rig up some backdrops and lighting to take our own “professional quality” photos here at home.

First, Brian hung some sheets around a shower curtain rod and suspended it in a doorway for a backdrop. But we couldn’t get a good picture of her from the floor, so we  pushed our big ol’ ottoman over and covered it up with the sheet to raise her to an acceptable height. Then we decided it was too dim, so we grabbed lights from various parts of the house and lit that sucker up.

I was a little worried she wouldn’t be a fan of all those lights, but she played her part like a pro. In fact, she seemed to eat it up. Who knows, maybe she’ll be a model when she grows up (but I sure as hell hope not).

Anyway, we still need to work on the lighting, but we got a couple super cute shots. Wanna see? Of course you do.


Adorable, right? Just nod and smile. I’ll assume you agree with me. She is, after all, the cutest baby to ever walk on (well, okay, roll over on) the face of the planet. Right? Just keep nodding and smiling…

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