Baby's First (and Maybe Last) Professional Photos.

Tori’s three months old today. A whole quarter year! To document this  (maybe not so) momentous occasion, I took her to the mall to get her first “professional” pictures.

That was a mistake.

She woke up crabby. So crabby that I almost didn’t go at all. But I’d already rescheduled three times, so I ignored her whining, got her scrubbed up, dressed up and in the car.

When we arrived, she was sound asleep, so I had to wake her up. Never a good idea. She woke up screaming, but by the time the so-called photographer was ready for us (20 minutes later), she was outwardly calm.

That lasted until the first flash bulb went off. The next 45 minutes consisted of me putting her into poses, pulling down her dress, trying to get her to stop crying, then attempting  (completely unsuccessfully) to coax a smile out of her.

It was not fun. But in the end, we did get a few cute pictures.

The closest we got to a smile…


Sitting pretty (yes, I forgot her socks)…


Close up (ignore the paper in her hair)…


This one’s a candid of me trying to get her calm…


And I’m including this one just ’cause her dress is cute…

And that was that. I could go on and tell you what a rip off the packages were, or how I wanted to wrestle the woman out from behind the camera and do it myself, but that would make me sound bitchy. So I won’t.

Suffice it to say, we’re thinking of getting our own backdrop so we can take her six month pics right here at home.

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