Maybe if I Had Those Ruby Slippers…

Twelve weeks ago today I waved good bye to my colleagues, overjoyed at the prospect of having three whole months off work. Never had I had so much time to call my own. It seemed like a lifetime.

I had grand plans for my months off. Sure, I’d be caring for a newborn, but babies sleep a lot, right? I’d have plenty of time to devote to other things. Things like getting into shape (we’ll pretend round was the shape I was shooting for).  Learning how to cook a few gourmet recipes  (I think zapping Healthy Choice meals counts, don’t you?).  And making this blog into the newest Internet sensation (it’s good to have dreams).

So, yeah, I was a bit naive.

The weeks have flown by, to say the least. And if I can’t honestly say I’ve enjoyed every minute, I can say that  I wouldn’t have traded this time for anything (even a million dollars).

In fact, there are days when I wish with fiber of my being that I didn’t have to go back at all. When I think that I could really do the whole stay at home mom thing (and maybe write a novel or two).

Today is not one of those days.

Nope, right now I am 100 percent ready to get the heck back to the office.

At work, there are long stretches of time where the only sound is the clacking of fingers on keyboards (and I could really go for some silence). Sure, my coworkers occasionally throw temper tantrums (as do I), but they’re usually quickly resolved without any effort on my part.

Plus, I can almost always figure out a way to solve whatever problems are presented.  Because you know what? Everyone there speaks English. And two-way communication? Is a beautiful thing (I have yet to master baby).

And most glorious of all are the hours and hours I get to spend inside my own head, playing with words, searching for the perfect turn of phrase. I haven’t had much time to pay attention to what’s going on in my brain lately.

I’m sure I’ll be a little bit heartbroken when it’s time to make the break and return to the office (I’ve already cried about it a couple hundred times). But right now? I can’t wait.

And if that makes me a bad mommy? Well, I guess I’ll wear the label with pride.

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