A Family Full of Spoiled Brats.

When I was pregnant, countless people took it upon themselves to tell me that once the baby came, there would be no more room in my heart for my animals. Practically every day, someone would snark, “Your poor dog better get ready. He’s about to get booted to the curb.”

Some even had the cajones to tell me I should get rid of them all together (these jerks were lucky they didn’t get my foot stuffed down their throat).

Well, I’m happy to report that all those folks were wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Wrong. Get it? Wrong.

Our animals didn’t get booted out of the family. Tori just got added to the pack.

All the furred critters are just as spoiled as ever. Sure, things changed a bit once Tori entered the picture. Kermit no longer rules the roost. Tori does. Meals, walks, cuddling sessions – they all have to revolve around her schedule.

But Kermit still gets his chicken breast cooked for him every day (yes, really). Kiwi still gets plenty of lap time – he just has to share it with the baby. And Oliver? Well, as the former baby of the family, he had the most difficult adjustment period, but even he’s coming around.


What all those well-intentioned people didn’t understand is that I’m an Animal Person. And when you’re an Animal Person, your pets are just as much a part of the family as your children.

So “booting them to the curb” isn’t an option. Nope, you just have to make more room on the couch, under the covers, and in your heart.  And for an Animal Person? That’s never a problem.

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