Baby Books the Digital Way.

Before Tori was born, I did what every new momma-to-be does. I scoured the stores looking for the very best baby book. The one that reflected our personalities to a T. But in the end, I just settled for one that wasn’t pink.

I had good intentions. Great intentions. I intended to fill everything in faithfully, in the order that it happened, on the day that it happened. Yeah. Not so much. It’s not blank – but it’s nowhere near up-to-date. And the handwriting? Well, let’s just say Brian and I aren’t likely to win a penmanship award anytime soon. I’ll be surprised if Tori can even read it when she grows up.

Enter the online baby book. There are plenty of sites that offer them, but I’ve found two that I like – kidmondo and BabyChapters.

These gems eliminate many of the problems of the traditional baby book. For example, you never have to ransack the house looking for a darn pen (or three, since the first two are guaranteed not to write). Or search for scissors and glue (who has glue anymore?) to paste all the little memories in. Or print out pictures (everyone’s got a digital camera at this point, right?).

Nope. Your computer is the only tool you need. Want to know what the headlines were on the day your child was born? Google it. Need to include her first picture? Just upload it. In fact, if you’re one of those weirdos that filmed the delivery, you can even pop in the video of her, ahem, popping out!

Best of all, you can do it whenever you have five free seconds. And while I know the same could be said of a traditional baby book, I’m a Digital Mama. Which means that if I’m not holding the baby, feeding the baby or cleaning the baby, I’m probably on my ‘puter. So I’m way more more likely to pop over to the BabyChapters site for a few minutes than I am to deal with the hassles of filling in the real book currently gathering dust on my end table.

Or at least, that’s my hypothesis. I’ll let you know if it turns out to be true.

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