Where the heck are you, Mary Poppins?

Remember how I was just telling you guys what procrastinators my husband and I are? Here’s another perfect example. We’re just now getting around to trying to find a daycare situation.

People have been telling me to get on it for months. And I have made a few calls. Even been on a couple of tours. But truthfully? The whole idea of leaving my three-month-old daughter with a stranger makes me so sick to my stomach, I find it easier to avoid the subject entirely.

But alas, it really can’t be put off any longer. So we’re finally being serious about it. And good lord, is it hard.

I dismiss a lot of providers before I’m two minutes into the phone call. Why? Well, some sound too old. Or too cranky. Or too distracted. One lady actually screamed at a kid to shut up in the middle of our conversation.

And others my gut just says, “nuh-uh” to, for no good reason.

A few have made it to the maybe list. In fact, I had almost convinced myself that this one daycare would work for us. It was in our budget. Run by two very nice ladies. And really convenient.

I mean, yeah, the older kids were running around like out-of-control maniacs, and the neighborhood looked an eensy bit shabby, but I didn’t see any cockroaches and was reasonably certain no irrevocable harm would come to her there.

Until, that is, I saw the center we toured today. Sure, it’s waaaaay out of our price range. But the babies have their own house. And soothing music is piped through the stereo all day. And the women who work there all have that magic, “you can trust me” vibe going on.

Oh yeah, I fell under their spell. Until I left and remembered that it’s expensive. Make that really, really expensive. As in, we could send her there, but we’d have to live on hot dogs and  beans and rice for the rest of our lives. And do without cable, new clothes and fun of any sort. Forever.

Luckily, I have other options. There’s one lady in particular who I’m hoping  will turn out to be my own personal Mary Poppins. She’s got tons of experience. Only watches a few kids at a time. Is  close to home and work. Charges very reasonable rates. And seems super nice.

Unfortunately, now she’s got to compete with the magic of the baby house. Hopefully, she can break the enchantment. I seriously hate hot dogs.

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