Freed From My Comfy Prison.

It occurred to me that I should probably post a quick update, just in case anyone is wondering…the tests came back normal. So I don’t have pre-eclampsia (although I’m still not sure what that even means), and I’m not dying.

At least, not as far as they know.

But my blood pressure’s still higher than they’d like. So I’ve been allowed to return to work, but am supposed to be working from home in the afternoons. Obviously, my doctor has never worked in advertising. If she had, she’d know that actually walking out the door before the moon has risen is somewhat of a challenge even on the best of days.

At least, it is when you’re as proficient at torturing yourself with guilt as I am. And as good at conjuring up worst case scenarios for every situation—especially in the wake of the lay-offs we had last week.

But I’m trying. So far, I’ve managed it all of once.

When I do get home, I’m under doctor’s orders to live a life of leisure,  lounging on the couch eating bon bons. Well, she’d prefer they were apples, but you know what I mean.

There are worse things, right?

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